05/29/02 - Geophysical work consisting of magnetic, induced polarization and resistivity surveys have been completed on the “JR” and “Peninsula” sectors of the Sakami property, located in the James Bay area, 575 km north of Val d’Or and 380 km north of Matagami.

The two sectors were chosen following the preliminary prospection campaign of 2001. The area covered is 6 % of the whole Sakami property  (170 km2).

The work was carried out by Pierre Boileau, geophysician for Geophysique TMC Inc. with the assistance of Gestion Miniere Explorer Inc., from Val-d’Or.  The purpose of the program was to detect the possible presence of gold bearing mineralized structures.  10.2 km2 were covered.  A serie of lines were set at a 100 m. spacing (50 m. in some areas), measured and marked at every 25 m.

JR Sector

79.2 km of magnetic survey and 50.4 km of IP-R surveys were completed.

The magnetic survey indicated the presence of two wide zones of magnetic highs. Rapid fluctuations within the zones are typical of sources located close to surface.  Intensities vary from 100 nT to 600 nT with peaks above 2000 nT.

The Induced Polarization – Resistivity surveys have identified anomalous zones corresponding to the magnetic anomalies.  The strongest anomalies are characterized by high chargeability. These may indicate the presence of semi-massive - massive mineralization.  Many of these anomalies correlating to the magnetic highs might indicate the presence of pyrrhotite or magnetite.  In the South-West corner of the surveyed area the abrupt end of the anomalous zones seems to indicate the presence of a major structural element oriented North-South.

The surveys have thus identified a block 2,000 m. by 800 m. containing a series of at least eight closely spaced anomalous structures of interest ranging from 200 m. in length to more than 1500 m.

Peninsula Sector

71.2 km of magnetic survey and 9.5 km of IP-R surveys were completed.

The magnetic survey indicated the presence of two zones of magnetic highs, one in the NW corner and the other in the SE corner. The NW zone consists of a series of highs and lows with peaks from 500 nT to 2000 nT, typical of sources close to surface.  The SE zone is more homogenous and may indicate a deeper source.

The I.P.–R survey have identified three anomalous zones. The first two are characterized by high chargeability and low resistivity and match the magnetic highs. This may be indicate the presence of semi-massive or massive mineralization. The first zone is 1300 m. long, opened at both ends and about 200m. wide. The second zone is about 600 m. long.  The third zone is characterized by low chargeability which may indicate a disseminated mineralization.

Some of these targets have been tested with short diamond drill holes and the results will be published shortly.


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