Matamec Explorations Inc Retains the Services of an Independent Consutant to Review Exploration Work on Sakami Project.

04/24/01 - VAL-D'OR, QUEBEC--Matamec is pleased to announce that Steffen, Robertson and Kirsten (SRK) has been retained to review and prepare an independent report for a drill program recently completed on their Sakami property. SRK Consulting is a well established independent mining consultant group with more than 500 engineers and scientists established in 22 permanent offices worldwide. Dr Jean-Francois Couture, associate consultant with SRK in Toronto, has visited the Sakami project during the drilling program to examine drill core and review work procedures of Matamec personnel, in order to ascertain that the drilling program is conducted in accordance to established professional practice. Results for this drill program comprising fourteen (14) holes totalling 2700m will be made available shortly after all disclosure information as required by the National Instrument 43-101 have been obtained.

In October 2000, Matamec commissioned Dr Jean-Francois Couture, an independent mineral resource specialist, to complete a detailed structural and geological study of stripped outcrops exposing the gold mineralization discovered by Matamec on the shore of the Lac Sakami. The objective of this study was to ascertain the nature of the gold mineralization, determine its geological setting and recommend follow-up exploration work.

The study indicated that the gold mineralization found by Matamec on the shore of Lac Sakami is structurally controlled and specifically related to distinct lithological units. All gold occurrences are developed within a major deformation zone striking North-Northeast and located at the contact between two geological sub-provinces. The Sakami fault zone is more than 500m in thickness.


"Late last summer, channel samples cut perpendicular to the main structural fabric across three (3) distinct areas of the exposed section of the Sakami fault zone returned the following results:

1.9 g/t Au over 9.7 m (31.8') for Zone 23
1.7 g/t Au over 20.8 m (68.3') for Zone 25
2.1 g/t Au over 9.97 m (32.7') for Zone 26."
(Ref. : Press release dated of February 20, 2001).


During reconnaissance prospecting in 2000, eight (8) distinct grabsamples yielding anomalous gold were collected by Matamec at two (2) different sites located approximately at 1.5 and 10km north of the Sakami discovery (assay results were 1,1 g/t and 0.9 g/t Au; and 410, 480, 175, 295, 205, 425ppb Au, respectively). Those two (2) areas are located within the interpreted strike extension of the Sakami fault zone and suggest that this structure represents a prime exploration target.

The geological setting of the gold mineralization found by Matamec on the Sakami property presents striking similarities with the geological setting of several other major Archean gold mining camps. In particular, this setting is very similar to that found in the southern Abitibi belt where gold mineralization is closely associated with major deformation zones located at the contact between geological sub-provinces.


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