Drill hole Lan-7: 18,02 g/t over 1,65 m (5,4 '), including 41,14 g/t over 0,7 m (2,3 ') -

The geophysical anomaly (IP) overlying this mineralized section spans some 300 meters in length ;


The acquisition of this property is based on the presence of a very significant gold bearing showing discovered by a prospector in 1947. Although much work has been completed on this showing since its discovery, certain areas and geophysical anomalies located near the main showing have never been explored

Location and access

The Langloiserie property covers the southern part of Phooey Lake, located in the north-western quarter Langloiserie township (NST 32G-06), in the province of Quebec.

The property is recently and easily accessible from Chibougamau or Chapais, by following the Barrette-Sud forestry road which crosses the north-western corner of the property.

Work period------------- Company ---------- Grade g/t /m --------Sample Type
1947 -------------------- Ross Toms --------- 7,5 / 1,13 m --------- Channel
1954 -------------------- A.N.Deland MRN ---- 9,3 ------------------- Grab
1979 -------------------- S.D.B.J. ------------- 8,3 ------------------- Grab
1979 -------------------- S.D.B.J. ------------- 7,0 ------------------- Grab
1988 -------------------- Expl. Aster ---------- 18,02 / 1,65m ------ Drilling

Geology of the property

The principal rock types recognized on the property consist of interbedded basaltic flows and amphibolite sills which were gabbros originally.

A few felsic dykes, ranging from a few centimetres to more than 2 meters in thickness, transect the preceding formations.

Many quartz-carbonate veins and veinlets intrude all these lithologies. Sulphides (pyrite-pyrrhotite) are found in all rock types, but would appear to be more commonly found within quartz veins or in their vicinity.

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