31 August 2009
31 August 2009

Matamec’s Rare Earths-Yttrium-Zirconium Kipawa deposit is in Industrial Minerals magazine September issue

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Matamec’s Rare Earths-Yttrium-Zirconium Kipawa deposit is in Industrial Minerals magazine September issue

Matamec Explorations Inc. (“Matamec”) is pleased to announce that Matamec’s Rare Earth Elements (REE)-Yttrium-Zirconium Kipawa Deposit is the subject of a one page article in the Exposure section of the Industrial Minerals magazine September issue. The article “Kipawa heavy rare earths” is presently available on Industrial Minerals website at: www.indmin.com/Channel/19571/Exposure.html.

As previously outlined, the Kipawa REE-Yttrium-Zirconium Deposit has a favourable REE distribution emphasizing Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE), particularly Dysprosium, Yttrium, and Terbium. People should remember that on August 19, 2009 the Chinese Government announced that it was prohibiting exports of HREEs such as Dysprosium, Terbium, Thulium, Lutetium and Yttrium.

Matamec’s President, Andre Gauthier, believes that the REE market has an excellent potential. According to a REE market expert, the average price for REE-oxide concentrates is $9-11 kg. As well, new technologies require more HREE which have higher prices compared to a few years ago. The price of Terbium has increased from $170/kg in 2003 to $340-360/kg in 2009 and from $20/kg in 2002 to $107-112/kg in 2009 for dysprosium. Prior to the Chinese Governments’ announcement, he said: “regarding the evolution of the REE market since 2000, we believe it will continue to grow depending on the volume of products and new technologies that use HREE”.

Considering a possible short fall on the world supply of HREEs such as Terbium, Dysprosium and Yttrium, had been forecast for 2014 by end-users prior to the Chinese decision, this new situation pushes the need for additional suppliers, thus increasing the value of HREE deposits, as is the case with the Kipawa Deposit. Matamec is currently looking for end-users to work with in order to quickly meet the needs of the market for HREEs based on the excellent potential of the Kipawa Deposit, as reported in Matamec press releases dated June 30, July 16 and August 24.

About Matamec
Matamec is exploring for significant gold deposits in the Timmins mining camp in Ontario, of which the three main targets are the following: Matheson JV with Goldcorp Canada Ltd and Goldcorp Inc., Montclerg and 2W properties. In Quebec, the Company is exploring mainly for precious and base metals on Lespérance/Wachigabau with Northern Superior Resources Inc., Sakami, Tansim, Valmont and Vulcain properties, rare metals and uranium on Tansim, and REE on Zeus property.
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