The Tansim property, 100% owned by Matamec, is located in the Témiscamingue region of southern Québec. The property consists of one block containing 239 mineral claims totaling more than 12,000 hectares, and is being explored for lithium, tantalum, and beryllium.
Based on the large extent of the surface area of mineralized pegmatite occurrences, the zonation of mineralogical facies and the complexity of the mineralogical phases, geologists concluded that this region might be qualified as a fertile pegmatitic field. These pegmatites contain spodumene, colombite-tantalite, lepidolite and beryl. Since 1957, three main rare metal showings, Vézina, Viau, and Viau-Dallaire, have been discovered. A broad, regional zonation is reported as follows: (1) To the east, pegmatites are mineralized in Be, Li and Ta; (2) In the centre, pegmatites are mineralized in Li, Ta and Nb; and (3) to the west, only Li mineralization is observed.

On the property, a large EW-oriented band (9 km x 700 m) of magnetic rocks may be associated with an assemblage of parallel Li, Be, Ta-bearing, metre to decametre-thick, granitic pegmatite dykes and mozodiorite/volcanosedimentary wall rocks. This assertion is supported by the apparent spatial association of granitic pegmatite outcrops with positive magnetic anomalies. The rock exposure is less than 10%, with most outcrops occurring on the north shore of Simard Lake; the remainder are covered by glacial drift with scattered boulders. Several portions of the EW-oriented magnetic band remain largely uninvestigated.
Matamec is currently planning a drilling campaign to further explore the Viau-Dallaire and Viau-Gauthier showings at Tansim.