Social Media Comment Policy

Although comments are automatically posted to social platforms, they will be supervised by Matamec Explorations Inc. If necessary, we reserve the right to moderate any conversation or to intervene. Differences of opinions and constructive discussions can be considered conversations, but no insulting or offensive comment will be accepted.

We therefore accept constructive feedback related to our business, but we reserve the right to remove :

  • Comments contravening to morality, public order, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, laws and regulations, and individual rights;
  • Contains comments that are defamatory, violent or inciting to violence, abusive, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, racist or xenophobic, pornographic, pedophiliac, revisionists or deniers;
  • Defamatory statements directed towards specific groups or individuals;
  • Statements that allude to all forms of illegal activities, including plagiarism, representation or distribution, of unauthorized software, trademarks, photographs, images, texts;
  • Service/product endorsements;
  • Comments published by a person who is not the author;
  • Unsigned comments;
  • Comments not written in French or English;
  • Comments published several times repeatedly and consecutively;
  • Comments incomprehensible and/or unrelated to the original subject.
We invite you to use acceptable language and respect the rules of conjugation and grammar in order to facilitate understanding of your messages and create an atmosphere of pleasant conversation.

Looking forward to sharing with you on our platforms!

Matamec Explorations Inc.