Kipawa - Metallurgy

Since March 2012, the technical team working on the metallurgical development of the Kipawa project has progressed significantly.  Extensive lab scale testing to develop and validate a process up to bulk carbonate production, also in parallel pilot plant testing and subsequent engineering was accomplished.  Today, in conjunction with our project partners, final purification of the carbonate development is on-going as well as variability sample testing and optimisation. Many obstacles were overcome and the development continues to move forward positively.

Metallurgical Team
Ms. Eliza Ngai, P. Eng., M. Eng., a Metallurgist with over eight years’ experience including Engineering consulting for an international engineering firm as a Process Engineer.  Ms. Ngai joined Matamec in April 2011 and worked many years under the late Mr. Les Heymann, expert on rare earths.

Mr. Alfred Hayden, P. Eng., a Metallurgist with over 40 years’ experience and a strong background specifically in hydro metallurgy.  Mr. Hayden has been involved as an independent consultant since 2011 and will assume further responsibilities in the process design.

Mr. Bertho Caron, P. Eng., VP Project Development and Construction with extensive years of experience in project development and start-up.

Mr. Raynald Vézina, P. Eng., Director of Matamec and technical advisor for the Company is an engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in the mining industry who has worked with various jobs, including, Cambior, Placer Dome and Falconbridge.  He successfully brought to production and / or exploitation of many mines.